Property Management

Property Management

The investment in your real estate property is a business like any other. As a landlord you have expenses, income and with perseverance the expectation of financial reward.

In the real estate investment business most of the cash flow comes from tenants. Here is the headache, if you have tenants you have problems. Even the best tenants have needs and properties need to be maintained. A good tenant will respect your property and pay the rent on time. A bad tenant will damage your property, does not pay rent and give you headaches. Life too short to deal with bad tenants!

Costner Realty will find you a qualified tenant for your property. Once the property is rented, we will do the administration and manage the property. We will maintain a good relationship between you and the tenant, but we set clear boundaries so that your tenant will understand their rights and duties as a tenant.

Owners & Investors

Costner Realty prides ourselves on creating and managing our clients property portfolio. We manage every aspect of our client’s properties, including procuring rental property, advertising, leasing, rent collections, accounting and all maintenance issues. We create customized management plans that meet each of our individual clients needs. Whether you are looking to invest in your first property or are currently managing a large portfolio we will tailor our services to you. Costner Realty provides an online portal so you can stay connected with your investment from any where in the world.

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Looking for a rental? Contact Us to see what is available. We help you find what you are looking for, communicate between you and the landlord so you don’t have to. To make it easy and quick for you, we have an online application you can fill out and pay a non-refundable application fee. Click Here to fill out the application.

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