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Charlotte has outpaced all other US cities in attracting millennials.  This is from an analysis of the migration patterns of millennials using the US Census Bureau Data by SmartAsset.  Charlotte was able to take the top spot with a gain of 10,707 millennials moving to Charlotte, many of which moved to Charlotte from a different state.  Seattle, WA came in second with 9,886.  This boost of millennials has helped Charlotte become the number 2 fastest growing city.

This millennial migration is proof that Charlotte made the right decision to transform away from a commuter-centric past to an uban city with adjacent thriving local neighborhoods.  Each local neighborhood has it’s own shopping, restaurants and breweries that gives residence a sense of community and pride.  These local neighborhood’s are close enough that visiting is just a short Uber ride away.  Compiled with the active lifestyle options, sports teams, affordability and opportunity has created a great space to attract and retain millennials.

Link to Study from SmartAsset can be found here



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