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Costner Realty helps you grow your wealth and achieve your goals through Real Estate.  Whether your goal is to buy your next home or invest in real estate we are there to be your partner.  We understand that everyone is unique and that every home has it’s own story and will present it’s own unique challenges.  Our vast experience in all phases of residential real estate from property acquisition to rehabbing to new construction to property management to selling will help you successfully navigate the transaction and achieve your goals.  We look forward to working with you in your real estate goals.

Mark Costner

Mark became a Real Estate Agent in 1979 and a certified Residential Appraiser in 1994. He has appraised for major banks, credit unions, and lending institutions in the area.This blended and diverse real estate background provides him with a wealth of experience and wisdom to assist his clients with their real estate needs.

Marshall Costner

Marshall has over 8 years of commercial construction, and was fortunate to recently take over the family industry. His main goal as a real estate agent is to be honest at all times and take care of his clients interests throughout the entire process. He wants to be a partner that you can trust.

Adam Whitehead

Residential Broker

Adam brings over 10 years of customer relation and property experience. Adam has is enthusiastic and passionate about enjoying where he lives and brings that same desire to enjoy your home to your home search. Along with his customer centric focus he will work for you to get the home you want and deserve.


One of our pillars is dealing with all transactions in a timely manner.

Innovative Ideas

Working towards the future in building Universal Home Designs.


We stand on three generations of building a team of trustworthy brokers.

Clear Communication

We pride ourselves in being the best communicator we can be with all parties involved in our transactions.

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